Saturday, September 13, 2008

Two Week Celebration!

Well, a low key celebration. Tonight at 9:45 marked the two week "anniversary" of our baby girl coming off the ventilator in the hospital! Two weeks ago tonight was also the first time I was able to hold her, and the first time since right after she was born that Brian and I were able to see her without any machines attached to her.

To celebrate, Brian and I ate the Reese's Pieces that we had saved for ourselves from the hospital handouts. We put together about 24 little favor bags of them and handed them out to our visitors, but we saved two for us for after she came home. Tonight was a great time to have them because we are so thankful to have our baby girl home and healthy.

Thank you to everyone who kept Reese in your thoughts and prayers over the period of her hospitalization. Brian and I could really feel the love and support for our family and it means more than you all will ever know. Thank you so much!

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