Monday, September 8, 2008

Two Weeks Old!

Brian and I absolutely can not believe that our baby girl is two weeks old today. In a lot of ways the last two weeks were incredibly long and hard, but at the same time it seems like we just left to go to the hospital! Two weeks ago tonight we were in the hospital and our baby girl was in the NICU being put on C-PAP. But while it's been very hard, our daughter's health and recovery has been a huge blessing. And Brian and I both agree that our family has only gotten stronger through the whole ordeal.

In either case, we now have a beautiful baby girl (who is looking more and more like her Daddy everyday) home with us! She loves to eat...during the day. And I think the whole ordeal just wore her out, because she's starting to "wake up" and take in what's around her. This afternoon she was awake for two hours and we just stared at each other. Tomorrow we go to the Pediatrician for her two week check up and we'll have her stats! Brian and I also have a few follow up questions to the hospitalization and some things that have come up since we got home. I'm excited to see how she's progressing. We love our little Reese to pieces!

I'll post some 2 week old pictures as soon as my internet connection (or blogger) will let me!

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