Sunday, September 14, 2008

Reese Lounging

Reese was awake for longer periods of time today than she has been since she got home. At times the fact that she's able to stay asleep through some of the insanity in this house surprises me, but I guess it shouldn't considering the fact that she heard it the entire time she was in my belly....I can't believe it's been three weeks since I was pregnant with her! I think I surprised Brian last night when I started talking to him about planning for the third. Actually, I know I did. I've forgotten how miserable the end of pregnancy can be...but he hasn't. He was kind enough to remind me. We've always talked about at least three, but we want them to be close in age and I just wanted an idea of when I might be walking around pregnant again!

Anyway, Reese got to have dinner with us tonight in the kitchen and she sat in her bouncy/ vibrating seat for the first time. She really liked it! Thank you to my super friends at work who got it for her. I loved the look of the one that we had for Wyatt, but it didn't really do anything, which depressed me. But I really like this one. I have another one that I got for upstairs because it was on sale at a ridiculously low price at Target, all because a new seat came out that was the exact same as the one I got, just with a pattern on a few places. I'm glad that we got it though because it will make it easier to plop her in so I can take a shower!

She had dinner with us in the kitchen and then had a bath and stayed awake on total for about 3 hours. Then she put on her nightgown - which I absolutely love and was a gift from my friend Robert - and she sucked on her personalized pacifiers for the first time! I was afraid I was never going to break her of the ones from the hospital! Hopefully she'll be easy to wean off the binky when it's time though. Wyatt gave his up because he had a cold and couldn't breathe through his nose, so he learned to deal without it and we slipped it away. We didn't have to go through any binky fights with him, thankfully. Or even any bottle fights. And he just decided one day that he wasn't interested in breastfeeding (which I was happy about because I was pregnant). He's so easygoing he just moved on.

Here are some pictures of Reesie Cup hanging out with us today!

Sitting by the dinner table with the rest of the family

Trying to focus those little eyes!

Relaxing on her boppy in her cute little nightgown

Sucking on her binky

My little strawberry blonde angel!

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