Thursday, September 25, 2008

New Things

As I've mentioned before, Wyatt is a little sponge right now. He listens to everything, pays attention to everything and generally just gets into everything. Over the last few days he's been cracking us up with the things he does and says. He's very particular about his routines too. For example, he has his snacks at the same time everyday. His morning snack he eats in his booster seat (anything to keep me from having to chase him), but he prefers to have his afternoon snack somewhere else. EvIn the afternoon I give him a small snack and a cup of (very, very watered down) juice or milk. He brings his snack and sets it down in the family room, keeps his juice in his hand, runs to his playroom, grabs his little chair, and drags it into the family room saying "chair, chair," the entire time. This is his every day routine: Last night when Brian got home Wyatt really wanted to go look at the turtles. He walked up to the cabinet where we keep the turtle food and said "turty, turty," and pointed at the cabinet. So Brian took him outside where they sat and looked at the turtles and talked for twenty minutes.

Looking at the turtles in the pond. Forgive his shoes. I bought them yesterday and after I tried them on he didn't want to take them off. Wouldn't even let me put his sneakers back on.

Showing Daddy the "turtys"
Last night I made lasagna (okay, Stouffer's made it, but I baked it) for dinner. Wyatt wasn't a huge fan (I don't know why, he loves ravioli). I think he could tell it came from a box. I bet when my mom makes him lasagna he'll love it. Anyway, he kept picking up the food with one hand, sticking it on the spoon and then sticking the food in his mouth. Then, he'd spit the lasagna out. I didn't give him anything else. He'll learn to eat what I give him that way. He still got the lasagna all over him, but at least he was happy.

On Tuesday night Wyatt woke up crying. He's being doing that a little bit lately and my gut feeling was that he was getting cold at night. We hadn't given him a blanket on him yet because at first we were waiting to talk to the doctor to see when we should give him one to sleep with, and then we just kind of put it off so he didn't have anything to cover his face with when he slept. But the other night I knew he was cold, so I gave him one. He loves it! As soon as I put the blanket on him he wiggles his toes underneath it and gets a huge smile on his face. He's slept really well with it.

Last night after getting tucked in

I guess the flash woke him up a little bit....

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