Sunday, September 7, 2008

Family Update!

Thursday with Reesie Cup home went pretty smoothly. She was zonked from the trip home and everyone here and the new environment, so she slept a lot. She was waking up about every 4 hours to eat and that was about it. She woke up at 2:30am to eat and went right back down. I was awake for a total of 30 minutes...less time than I was up pumping in the middle of the night for her the last week and a half!

On Friday Reese took her first trip out of the house to go to the Pediatrician's office. We met with the lactation consultant for a weigh in and a consult. Reese had lost an ounce since she left the hospital, in part I think because she didn't eat much the night before. Also, a problem that I'm having is that my supply exceeds her demand. Because I've been pumping so much, I have way more milk than she could possibly drinking right now. On the bright side, I have plenty (hopefully) stored up for when I go back to work. The downside is that she gets so much when she latches on that she doesn't need to feed for very long...and I worry that she gives up too easily because of the flow and the fact that she had a bottle in the NICU, which I wouldn't have introduced to her until she was four weeks old to avoid nipple confusion. Once I met with the lactation consultant and we discussed the challenges I have with her, as opposed to the ones I had with Wyatt, I felt better. Reese is actually starting to eat much better and I'm finding that she likes to eat a lot during the day and then backs off at night...which works for me! Hopefully things stay like this!

We saw one of the Doctors after our meeting with the lactation consultant and she literally listened to Reese's chest for about 5 seconds and said she sounded great. Brian and I were a little skeptical. Our daughter had been released from the NICU 16 hours before and we thought she needed a little more than that. Fortunately, Reese is going back for her two week check up (Two weeks? WOW!) on Tuesday and her appointment is with our favorite doctor so that will be much better. Before Friday, the only experience we'd had with the doctor she saw was with Wyatt and it didn't go well. She needed a second opinion to diagnose a wart. Needless to say, we weren't excited to see her!

The rest of the weekend has gone well. I've actually had to wake Reese up in the middle of the night the last two nights to eat. Yesterday Tropical Storm Hanna hit and we lost power at 8:30 in the morning because a tree fell on a power line nearby. Half our neighborhood lost power and the other half didn't. We went to Brian's parents for a few hours until our power came back on.  It was too hot in the house with no AC! Fortunately we had Virginia Power call us when the power came back on, and we were able to come home in a few hours!

Wyatt was able to "hold" his little sister for the first time yesterday. I put the boppy on his lap and then put Reese on top. He LOVED it. He just stared at her and kept saying "It's Sissy. It's a baby," with the biggest smile on his face. I tried to take her away and he cried "Baby! Baby!" So sweet! He's also begun to really enjoy climbing up on Brian's lap pulling a blanket over them and then putting the boppy on his lap to lean on while he watches The Good Night Show on Sprout at night.

Today Brian went to work for a little bit. He's been home so much over the last few weeks, he needed to get some work done! Today is the last day that the park is open and he gets some more time off since it's the end of the season, so he definitely needed to go in today! Noelle hasn't been to work in two weeks (since before Reese was born) so she was really excited to get out! So anyway, it's just me and the kids here today. So far (knock on wood) the day is going pretty well. Wyatt has given his baby sister about 15 kisses today. He had just finished some Goldfish before one round of kisses so Reese had a little cheddar cracker in her hair at one point! I just got both kids to sleep so I think I'll be doing some cleaning (Reese has me cleaning all the time now)! At this point, having her home and chasing Wyatt around is a lot easier than chasing Wyatt around 9 months pregnant! And having her home period is the biggest blessing ever!

There are 2 kids in my car!

Sleepy girl!

This is pretty much what she does!

A Rod junior staring at the rain

My boys watching Thomas the Train

The third thing Wyatt asks in the morning now (after "where Mommy go?" and " where Noewwey go?" is now "where baby go?")

Awake and smiling!

Wyatt giving his sister a hug!

Playing the piano at Baba and Grammy's! Excuse the shorts. He leaked out of his diaper and all I had in the diaper bad were his swim trunks!
Looking under the bed for Yoda the cat

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