Sunday, September 14, 2008

Wyatt & Mickey

Wyatt has really become aware of Mickey Mouse lately. He has a huge stuffed Mickey at my parent's house, his overnight diapers have Mickey on them, and lately he's been wearing a few Mickey Mouse shirts that we got him on our trip to Disney World in December.

Like this one:
Anyway, when Brian took this shirt off the other night he looked down and said "Where Mickey go?" The next morning when Brian got him dressed he looked down at his shirt and said "Where Mickey go?" He's obsessed.

This morning, Brian was changing Wyatt's morning diaper and he took if off and wrapped it up. Wyatt said that he pooped, and Brian said he knew that. Then Wyatt asked "Where Mickey go?" And Brian said "He's on your poopy diaper over there." And Wyatt said "Aaaaaaaaaw Mickey," like he felt bad that Mickey was wrapped up in his poop (trust me, Wyatt should feel bad that Mickey is wrapped in his poop). It was too cute.

Now that Wyatt recognizes Pooh and Mickey we're excited to eventually get him back to Disney World. I'm pushing for November since Brian has a trade show to go to in Orlando then, but I doubt that will happen :).

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