Monday, September 15, 2008

Three Weeks Old!

Reese Lynn is three weeks old today! She celebrated by sleeping in until 9, having some breakfast, hanging out with Didi for about an hour so that I could do some shopping (and get out of the house for the first time since last Tuesday), having some lunch and going back to sleep. What a life! Here she is at 3 weeks old!

Sleeping in her Swaddle-Me (both my kids LOVED to be swaddled but won't stay swaddled, so these things are perfect...even if they do look like baby straight jackets)

In her Moses Basket, which is in the pack & play


Her brother has just woken up from his nap with cries of "Where Baby go?" followed by "Where Puppy go?" referencing the puppy that came in his Wonder Pets set...he puts it places and forgets where it is...or he knows where it is and likes to make us look for it. So, I'm off to get my baby boy and find his puppy.

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  1. It's a playpen...but much more advanced then when we were kids. It has a changing station, it can be a bassinet...things have changed so much.