Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Reese's Halloween Bag!

Reese's Halloween bag came today! I wanted her to have the same one as Wyatt, so I ordered it from Pottery Barn Kids too, but I wanted to wait until I got free shipping! I got Wyatt's there last year for his first Halloween. We haven't decided what they're going to be yet, Reese probably won't be going "out" but Wyatt will. We will probably just take him over to my parents' neighborhood to go to some houses for a little bit like we did last year. Our neighborhood is fine for trick or treating, I just like my parents' better. There's way better candy :). Plus we'll be taking them to the Zoo Boo again too! We went last year and we had a great time!

Here's Reese's's the exact same as Wyatt's...with a different name! I just hope they have the stockings that I ordered for us last year in so I can get her one too (there was one with a ballerina that I liked that I wasn't allowed to get for Noelle)!

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