Friday, September 5, 2008

Reese's Homecoming!

Right now both of my kids and my husband are all taking why am I awake? Reese only woke up once in the middle of the night last night for a feeding and change, so I got loads of sleep in comparison to the last week and half when we were coming home from the hospital late and leaving first thing and then staying awake worrying about our girl. Even if I did wake up 10 times to make sure she was breathing.

Brian and I got to the hospital to pick Reese up at 3:15. We would have gotten there earlier but we spent the afternoon dusting everything in sight, vacuuming and getting the house clean for Reese. The doctor's only discharge instructions were that we need to keep Reese away from Noelle and other pets (because of the dander) for a few months. But since she needs to stay away from dander we decided to keep her away from dust too and that meant a cleaning frenzy. Fortunately my Mom came over to help so we got it done quickly, but then we had to change because we had dust all over us (especially Brian since he was in charge of the fans).

Once we got there her nurse had us fill out her discharge paperwork while I got Reese dressed in her coming home outfit. Then she showed us how to get Reese in her car seat safely (like we don't know how). Instead of the typical wheeling Mommy and Baby out situation, Reese was put in her car seat and the car seat was put in her bassinet and the nurse walked her downstairs. Brian went and got the car and pulled around and we got Reese in! She was quiet the entire ride home until we pulled onto the street that leads up to our neighborhood. She wailed for a bit, but once we got her inside I fed her and she was fine.

My Mom had taken Wyatt with her to get my sister from her cross country practice, so he wasn't home yet. I was able to feed her peacefully before he got home and we made the big introduction. And when I say "big introduction," I'm being sarcastic. Wyatt had virtually no interest in his sister. This could be because his grandparents and Uncle and Aunts were in the room, and he didn't like being pushed to look at her. Because after everyone left he became very interested.

He kept walking up to her in her swing and looking at her and saying "baby." But soon after my Mom left I had to call and ask her to bring over her little baby gate/play yard. We're going to put all Reese's things inside to keep Wyatt away. This was brought on when Wyatt brought over a pillow and put it on his sister. Yeah. On her. Not good. Brian and I are very excited about watching the two of them get accustomed to one another and grow up together. Having both our kids under the same roof (finally) is the best!

Reese all dressed for coming home!

Leaving the NICU!

In the car getting ready to leave!

Reese & Daddy

Reese & Mommy

Home at last!

Wyatt seeing his sister for the first time. I think Noelle is trying to warn him!

My baby boy and my baby girl!

Wyatt giving Reese her pacifier. I'm not sure where he learned this. He gave his up at nine months.

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