Thursday, September 4, 2008

Long Overdue Wyatt!

Brian and I have tried to spend as much time as possible with Wyatt since we got home from the hospital. We've been traveling back and forth to the hospital in the morning, afternoon and at night, but we try to get him tucked into his own bed and follow his routine at night as much as possible. Once Reese is home everything will hopefully be back to normal - the new normal. But especially after last week when he was getting shuffled around, he really just needs some time with Mommy and Daddy. Daddy has had a lot of fun over the last few days playing with Wyatt, while I've been doing more "observation." I'm feeling significantly better after the surgery than I was a few days ago, but I still can't lift him or get up and down or allow him to be around my stomach. I'm looking forward to just having the whole family in the house and figuring out where we go from here.

On Monday Wyatt and I went over to Brian's parents' house to hang out with his parents and Allison, Colin and Piper. Wyatt and Colin have recently started to have fun playing with one another, and they had a lot of fun at Grammy and Grandpa's. They played together in their playroom, they went outside and played on the swing set and they ran around the backyard taking turns hitting off the tee. Brian came over to pick Wyatt and I up and he played out back with both boys for a little bit too. It was nice to have a day to hang out with family and to watch Wyatt play. I've really missed being able to hang out with my Little Fella since the C Section and even the last few weeks of the pregnancy were difficult. Hopefully as I start feeling better I'll be able to play more, but I do need to be careful since he walked up to me and smacked me right on my scar yesterday.

Right now we're awake because Wyatt had a nightmare tonight. He woke up with a piercing scream and wouldn't stop, so Brian went to check on him. He's only done this once before and I've done some research and it's not uncommon for kids his age to have nightmares, but this one really scared him. He stopped crying, but he's been awake in his crib for over an hour. Brian finally went and slept on the floor in his room because hearing Wyatt ask "where Daddy go?" through he monitor was breaking his heart. From the sound of things Brian is asleep, but I can still see Wyatt awake in his crib. I hope he gets some sleep and can calm down.

Brian and I are really starting to be amazed by things that Wyatt has been doing the last few days. He's saying more words than ever and picking up on words the first time he hears them. It didn't go so well the other day when my brother Marc told Wyatt that my future sister in law April's name is Wicked Witch as a joke and Wyatt said "Wicked Witch." His new favorite thing to say though is "Silly goose," which comes out more like "Siwwy goose!"

The other night he had brought all of his toys into the den and I told him that we needed to clean up and take everything back to the playroom. I thought that I would need to help him, but he just started picking everything up. When he missed something I would remind him "Wyatt, don't forget your drum." Then he'd run back into the den and pick up his drum. He did this over and over again, each time getting the specific toy I'd told him about. Then last night, while Brian was getting him ready for bed, Brian had to put all the overnight diapers in the diaper stacker. While he was doing this, Wyatt went into the cabinets on his dresser and pulled out the Desitin, the Baby Powder and the Baby Lotion and set them on the floor where he gets ready for bed. Brian didn't even ask him to! Tonight when we got him ready for bed, Brian asked him to get all his supplies and he pulled them out again!

He's been so helpful recently that we really think that he'll be great when his little sister comes home...hopefully today! I can't wait for them to meet each other!

Pushing his cousin Piper in the swing

Checking on Piper

Playing something with Colin where they keep saying "You're off!" I don't know the rules to this game.

Choking up on the bat
Getting ready to connect with the ball

Smiling at Gretsky the cat

Playing in the weeping willow

He seriously loves this tree


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