Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Wyatt's Trip to the Aquarium with Daddy

Brian woke up with Wyatt this morning (thank goodness, Reese was up at 2:30 and again from 5:30 until 7.  I needed more sleep). When I got up with Reese, Brian asked if it would be okay for them to go to the Aquarium without the girls. My response: "Of course you can go!"  We're keeping Reese in the house to keep her away from germs (we just don't want to expose the little lungs to anything just yet) and the last thing that I want is for Wyatt to have to deal with being cooped up in the house. Plus it's good for them to spend time together without me. And it's easier for me to get things done while Reese sleeps without having to keep an eye on Wyatt!

So, this morning the boys went to the aquarium and they had a great time. Wyatt loved looking at the fish and the turtles, although he apparently asked at some point where the ducks went. He also went to a "little builder" exhibit that the aquarium has going on and had fun putting on an orange vest and pushing around a cart. He came home asleep...but didn't make it to the crib that way, so he'll probably have an early night....

Staring at the fish
Watching the turtles
You can't watch the fish without a cold beverage in one hand
Wyatt decked out in his orange vest and cart
Wyatt the painter. Brian said he knew just what to do with the roller, and he tried to "paint" once, but then preferred to bang the roller on the wall like a hammer.

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