Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Breathing the Same Air as You and Me!

This morning Brian and I went to visit Reese and were pleasantly surprised to see that she was no longer on any Oxygen. With the exception of a feeding tube through her nose, her face is completely free of nasal cannula's and everything! They were going to do a two hour trial period, and she passed her trial! They've also backed up even more on her sedatives. She's getting them less frequently and in smaller doses. This of course means that she is becoming more and more alert! She had her eyes open and was wide awake when we got there tonight to visit her. We were overjoyed that she's gone all day without the support of any Oxygen!

Tonight when we got there Reese had just gotten a new little roommate next door who was born a little early. Her nurse was busy caring for him and giving his parents all the info they needed, and Reese was clearly hot and hungry, but there was nothing Brian or I could do. We just had to try to calm her the best we could until she was available. Once she finally came over, she had me sit in the rocking chair and calm Reese down. She immediately stopped crying and just looked up at me and stared. She was absolutely precious! I didn't want to let her go, but she was about to have a big moment....

Reese had a bottle for the very first time tonight! She did such a great job! When a baby has respiratory issues, the challenge is to make sure that they can breathe, suck and swallow at the same time. She did all three like a pro. The nurse fed her the first bottle. She wanted to because she wanted to make sure she was mastering it and also so that she could keep an eye on her stats at the same time. She offered to let us, but I didn't want to (I don't believe that I should give her a bottle at all until breastfeeding is mastered, but even then I think it can cause conflicts at times), and Brian wanted to do whatever was best for Reesie Cup. In either case, we'll be back there tomorrow morning for her 9am feeding and Brian will feed her then.

After she ate we did about an hour of kangaroo care, which was wonderful! I really enjoy being able to hold my baby, and I can't wait to have her home so I can hold her whenever I want. Although, I think that there's gonna be some major competition for baby holding! But I feed her so it shouldn't be too bad for me! Through the night we will just continue to pray that she's able to continue breathing room air and stays off breathing assistance.

Reese layed out in her isolette

Eating her first bottle!

Getting burped!

Hanging out with Daddy!

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