Saturday, November 29, 2008

Wrong Name?

The other night we were playing in the playroom and I decided to put Reese in her exersaucer to give it a try. She's still too little, her feet can't touch the bottom yet, but I wanted to see if she liked it. She stayed in there very patiently and even seemed to enjoy it. Wyatt walked up to her with a football and handed it to her. She held onto it for a few minutes and she looked like a pro. Kind of funny that Peyton was one of the names that we had picked out for her and decided not to go with it! Maybe it would have been appropriate to name her after a big football star!

Wyatt walking over to say hi to "Pieces pieces."
Handing her the football
Reese holding the football
"What do I do now?"

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  1. Thanks for all the nice comments on the blog, still new at it so it will take time to get use to it. Jason and I love the name Peyton and think it is such a cute girl name. Of course, Reese is adorable. Where does the red hair come from?