Saturday, November 22, 2008

A New Nativity for the Kids

So Brian and I have been talking about ordering this since we got the Fisher Price catalog in the mail a few weeks ago. The big debate (for me anyway) is how much Wyatt loves to throw things. I really don't want a mishap where Baby Jesus goes flying across the room...that just doesn't feel right. I'm still sure it will happen though. We want to make sure that the kids understand the true importance of Christmas and they don't just see it as the Santa Claus holiday, and getting a nativity that's on his level seems like a good way to start the explanation. Wyatt played with a Little People Noah's Ark last night and really enjoyed it, so I think the Nativity will be equally fun for him to play with and learn from.

The next few days are going to be a little crazy. We have all the unpacking to do (and just unpacking..the villa had a washer and dryer so I did a lot of laundry there), we want to go see Natalie, we have to get a crib tent for Wyatt (yep, he's a climber now), and we have some straightening up to do before Christmas decorating starts. Brian and I LOVE the holiday season and have a ton of stuff to get out and situated. We're hoping to finish Christmas lists for the kids soon. I also have to start back at work this week....uck! I'm not excited about going back. I'm excited to see my friends, I'm excited to get some work done, but I know that I have my monthly reports right around the corner and most importantly I don't want to leave my kids! I guess the good thing about this new schedule is that I have every afternoon with them from 12:30 on. Anyway, there's a lot pf preparation going on around here this weekend and I'm trying to get these kids back on their schedules before I head back to work on Tuesday!

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  1. I know...I read yours after I posted. We can attribute this to either (a) great minds thinking alike (which used to happen alot at work, as I recall) or (b) Fisher Price having a lock on the best Toddler Nativity on the market. If we do a play, Liam would have to be one of the Three Kings. The kid loves to wear hats...