Saturday, November 1, 2008

Wyatt's New Favorite "Sanich"

Wyatt has been obsessed with eating one particular sandwich lately. Typically he loves him some grilled cheese sandwiches, but I started making him a new one recently that he can't get enough of! I started making Brian and I meals from The Abs Diet cookbook, and I've been giving Wyatt the meals too as long as its something that he can eat. Anyway, the sandwich is basically a glorified grilled cheese with a kick. I use whole wheat bread, spread some strawberry jam on, put on a few slices of ham and a slice of 2% Colby Jack cheese. I dip it in whisked egg and cook it in the frying pan. It's delicious. Like a healthy monty cristo (which I love anyway). But since I first gave him this sandwich last Sunday he has asked me for it everyday. In fact, he didn't even know how to say sandwich until this week. The only thing I give him that he wants this badly are "gofish in a bowl" for snack time! I'm wondering how I'll break the addiction...

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