Saturday, November 15, 2008

Pictures from Sea World

So, the good news is that Wyatt slept until 5:30 and played nicely in his pack & play until 6:30. He is now pointing out the back door telling us that people are "playing golf." He's right! We're on a golf course and there are men taking time out of their family vacation to play golf.

CONGRATULATIONS STEPH & DAVE! Our good friends' baby girl Natalie Lynn was born at 3:57 am today! We're sorry we're not there to come see her! Reese can't wait to meet her newest BFF! I'm so happy that she has a cousin so close in age and a good friend!

Alright, here are some pictures from yesterday....
There are two kids' in this stroller!
Reesie looking cute
They're both looking up at Daddy watching him scan his pass...too cute!
I snapped this of Wyatt holding Reese's hand. It was their first time in the side by side stroller. Wyatt did really well keeping his hands to himself...for the most part!
Pointing at the sting rays
Getting close...but he wouldn't pet them
Trying to get a look on his own
Watching the dolphin
Looking at the dolphins swimming by
Pointing to the Sea Lion
Petting Shamu...this was a big step!
Trying to climb some rails
Reese and I. I had to take it myself. Brian is now suffering from what I like to call "T Syndrome." There are no pictures of me and about a gazillion of him with Wyatt, or as Brian likes to call him, "His half of the Baker family."
Riding a ride....Daddy didn't realize this was like the Tea Cups. He doesn't like those...
Another ride!
Playing a calypso drum!
Nice face Reese! I'd just finished feeding her...I think she'd just burped!

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  1. I LOVE the picture of Wyatt holding his little sister's hand. You should get that in black and white and frame it for the grandparents for Christmas!