Friday, November 28, 2008

New Choo Choo Train!

Wyatt loves trains. This isn't surprising because Brian also happens to like them a lot. He has trains that he sets up and uses to decorate for Christmas. We discussed getting him a train table for Christmas and my parents actually decided to go ahead and get him an Imaginarium table that was on sale at Toys R' Us. It comes with an entire track and you can buy more pieces to go with it, including the Thomas & Friends accessories. That way we can buy the Thomas things if Wyatt starts to express more interest in the show, otherwise we can stick with the cheaper pieces. It is seriously ridiculous how much they charge just because something says "Thomas" on it. The show will entertain him for a little bit now (as long as the trains are moving), but since their faces don't move when they talk he gets a little bored (and I think it's a little creepy).

So my parents bought him the train table. We went to Toys R' Us last weekend to get a few things while I still had a coupon and we saw a Polar Express set. We decided to get it because Brian wanted a Christmas train for him and because he really likes the snippets of The Polar Express that he's seen. Brian set it up for him on Tuesday night and he loves it. In the last few days he has wanted to spend every spare second in the playroom with his train. He learned the difference between the engine and the caboose and he is definitely using his little imagination when he plays with it. He likes the fact that it also has Santa Claus and a Christmas tree. He even makes his stuffed monkey play choo choo with him. (He was also mad at his monkey this morning. We usually put it to bed with him, but we didn't last night because we got home so late and he was asleep. This morning Wyatt woke up and apparently thought the monkey left the room in the middle of the night because he kept saying "Where monkey go? Mean monkey. Monkey is bad.")

We are really looking forward to getting the train table. It will be perfect when Wyatt can stand at the table and push everything around. Right now we have to stop him from climbing over it. Plus, Wyatt has played with a display table at the store and it's impossible to pull him away from it. I know he will have a great time once it's here!

Pushing the train around the track
Noelle supervising the train activities
Pushing the train into the mountain. Or "house" as Wyatt refers to it.
The train visiting the Christmas village

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  1. Train tables for the win! Liam loves his. I finally broke down and moved it from the playroom to the living room so Brian can play with him and watch sports in HD simultaneously.
    (Oh, how my decorating scheme suffers for the happiness of my boys...)