Sunday, November 2, 2008

Zoo Boo

We went to the Zoo Boo today. As I've posted before, we went last year and had a blast. This year was pretty much the same, nothing new or different. Well, there is a new train, but the line was so ridiculously long that we didn't get on it today. Wyatt was very good and had a lot of fun. He saw all of his usual animals, did some trick or treating and he even pet a snake! Picture People was out there again this year so we got both kids pictures taken. They give you one 8x10 for free so I'll hopefully go pick the kids' pictures up this week. Wyatt was very talkative and wanted to tell us what every animal was doing (mainly they were all "eating"). He's been watching a lot of animal videos recently and he's learning all kinds of animals' names. He pulled "ostrich" out of his repertoire today without any coaxing, which surprised me a bit. Reese was her usual sleepy self. I walked around with her in her carrier all day and she was happy as a clam!

You can tell all the kids were super excited to get one more day out of their Halloween costumes. It's really a pretty fun event to take the kids too, so even though it was a bit crowded, we'll definitely go back next year!

Reese entering the zoo for the first time

Wyatt "trick or treating"

Playing with a pumpkin

Petting a snake! I really can't believe that he did it!

Reese getting her picture taken by Picture People

Wyatt...not as cooperative as he once was

Looks at the giraffes with Daddy

Telling Daddy "Gaffe eating. Here he he comes.."
The whole astronaut costume
All four lions taking a nap together
Rip Tide, Mommy and Reese. We were trying to prove to Wyatt that Rip Tide wasn't scary by taking Reese to see him. It didn't work out....

Our little pumpkin!

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