Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Some Products...

I've been thinking about doing this and my friend Davy gave me a nudge last week to go ahead and try. Since he just had a baby girl, I decided to start writing about some things that make my life easier (or things that are worthless)!

1. Graco SnugGlider Infant Carseat Swing Frame - okay, this thing is amazing. I wouldn't use this as a regular swing (like my Fisher Price one), but it serves its purpose nicely. I didn't know that this existed when Wyatt was a baby or I would have run out and gotten it. Both of my kids fall asleep in the car, but automatically know when they're inside and wake up. And then refuse to go back to sleep! With this you just plop the car seat in and turn the swing on...and voila, still moving. This week I've used it more as a regular swing because it's small and travels well (good for trips to visit friends or grandma's who don't have big swings). Reese loves it and so do I. If you don't have a kid that has the same problem mine do I wouldn't suggest getting it, but if your kid is as stubborn as mine, this thing is a must!

2. Medela Pump & Style Breast Pump - I couldn't have pumped as long as I did with Wyatt after I went back to work and I definitely couldn't have made it through Reese's hospitalization without my Pump & Style. It's amazing! It's expensive for sure, but my argument to Brian was always that it was the same cost as 2 months of formula...which did he prefer to give our kids? My husband being the excessive breast feeding snob that he is chose to get the pump. It's a big pain to carry in to work everyday because of the long walk in, but I love it! Don't waste your money on the car adapter doesn't provide a ton of power and it takes forever! And if you're not working and just need something to get some relief...get the Swing. It's still Medela and you can only do one side at a time, but its cheaper.

3. Johnson's Bedtime Bath/Lotion/Baby Powder - It really seems to help the kids sleep longer and it smells so sweet. We have definitive bathtime routines for the kids to help them calm down and get ready for bed and this stuff is a part of it. I've always had mixed feelings about it because I like the way the real Baby Lotion smells but it works!

4. Stroll'r Swivel'rs - Love these things! They just pop right onto the stroller and they hold the diaper bag and whatever else you may need to attach. So much easier then shoving stuff into the storage bins underneath.
And that's all I've got for now...but if there's anything you're thinking about getting let me know. If I've used it I'll tell you what I thought!

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