Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Not So Bad!

Today I went back to work. And it was great. Great in the sense that I work with some really great people that I enjoy being around...but not in the sense that I was away from my kids. I got in around 9 because I was waiting for incompetent HR girl to tell me whether or not she got my release note from the Doctor...which cut my day down to three hours. I got in and there was breakfast to welcome me back! Muffins, Panera bagels, fruit, and Chick Fil A biscuits! Yum!

I got to catch up on some office gossip (there is always office gossip...and I guess I've missed a few juicy things), I got to see some folks haven't seen in awhile, and most excitingly, my email box wasn't clogged! My super friend cleaned everything out except for the juicy management moves, the completely idiotic emails that people send that should have been spellchecked, and anything that was actually pertinent to my job. Refreshing! When I came back from maternity leave with Wyatt I had almost 900 emails. Today I had like, 70. Excellent.

Unfortunately my low cost providing company replaced my computer (after using the same one for 3 years) while I was gone. Hello! I lost all of my files, all of my favorites and all of my emails. I am not an email deleter! In a company like mine, some people (you know, the ones who want to advance) will throw you under the bus in a second if they can. You need every email so you can say "On June 10, 2006, So and So A specifically said that RV ERS was not going to fall under me and was going to be passed onto So and So B." I was worried, but then I was able to get everything imaged onto my computer. Now I've got my back up, and I've got a new computer.

The kids did fine without me for three whole hours. Wyatt actually threw a fit when I walked in the door and wanted me to leave (he did that before my maternity leave too), but no such luck! I fed him lunch and put him down for his nap, and Reese has been sleeping since I got home. We are now venturing to the store for a few key items (I know, frightening) that we need for the house that aren't Thanksgiving related (we go to our parents' homes for cooking here!). This should be fun....

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