Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Peaceful Night!

I guess Reese just had an off day yesterday. Or a rough 24 hour period or something. Her fussiness started on Monday night around 8 and finished last night around 8. I gave her a bath, which is something that always helps calm her down, and Brian gave her a bottle because she was hungry. I knew I couldn't fill her up because she'd eaten less than two hours before. From that point on she was perfect. She sat in her swing wide awake for about an hour while I organized my freezer (there was absolutely no system to the way the frozen milk was shoved in there). With me going back to work in less than two weeks (bummer), I knew I needed to have it sorted by date so the oldest stuff all got used first. I still have milk in there from August - which tells you how rarely she's gotten bottles - and according to the freezing instructions it will only last 3-4 months in our freezer. YIKES! I don't even know how accurate that is. And how do you tell when breast milk has gone bad? A lot of that milk is from August and September when I was still producing more than she could eat. Nothing will get me through all that milk like going back to work....

Anyway, she went to sleep peacefully in her bassinet and stayed asleep until 2:45 when she woke up for food. I fed her and she went back to sleep peacefully in her bassinet. No crying! I was thrilled! I was skeptical for the first fifteen minutes, like she was baiting me to go back to sleep so she could wake up and scream, but it didn't happen.

What is happening though, is that Wyatt is sleeping less than peacefully. He stays asleep, but he's talking. The last two nights we've heard him say "No, no" (sweetly, not like he's scared) in his sleep 3-4 times. We can see him laying down, but he's talking. And he always says "no." I don't know what's wrong. Has anybody else ever experienced this?

One final note: if you've purchased Mylicon since October 5 (we have not) it's been recalled because there may be metal fragments in. I don't get it. You're making this stuff for kids right? So why not just throw some metal fragments in there?

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