Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Wyatt Voted!

.....Well not really. But he's a fan of stealing legitimate voters'stickers!

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  1. Well, I do NOT vote for that shirt. So, clearly I have been studying for the past 17 hours and I am using your facebook page and blog as my distractors. I am up to my ears in Pediatrics right now: growth charts, fontanels, reflexes, etc. So reading your blog kind is like studying. Tomorrow I have to go to a daycare center for four hours to observe "well children". I think instead I should be allowed to visit your kids; that way, I could observe while exchanging our trademark acerbic, witty banter. I also have to say in seriousness that I appreciate your continued commitment to civics and politics even with two small children. Maybe when your kids are grown, you can replace Meyera, and Brian could throw your campaign events at the waterpark. Virginia Beach would love it. I miss you!