Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Our Trip to see Santa Claus

Last night we went as a family to see Santa Claus. This is a tradition that started for Brian and I the year before we got married (a few weeks before we got engaged) when we took Noelle to see Santa Claus. For our first Christmas as a married couple, Brian, Noelle and I went to see Santa to get our Christmas card picture taken. Last year we added Wyatt to the mix and this year Reese joined us!

The trip to see Santa has always been an adventure for us (will Noelle poop in the mall? - Only once, but in front of the AVP of my department at work!), but the kids and Noelle all did wonderfully. The purpose for going so early is to avoid the lines and also so that we could get the Christmas cards made quickly. Wyatt gave Santa Claus a high five but wouldn't sit directly on his lap. Noelle looked at the camera when cookies were flashed in front of her. Reese sat happily on my lap. We were in and out in 20 minutes. It was stellar. The cards have been ordered and are on their way courtesy of Kodak :).
There's a kind of crazy progression because we went from just Noelle, to Brian, Noelle and I with Wyatt on the way, to adding Wyatt and now we have two kids - all in 4 years! We are so blessed! I'll share the previous years' pictures here, but I won't put up this years' until the Christmas cards have gone out!

2005 - Noelle and Santa Claus at MacCarthur Center 2006 - Brian, Noelle and I (with Baby Wyatt cooking - I was 5.5 months pregnant)
2007 - The four of us switched it up and went to Lynnhaven Mall. I think the Santa Claus in the top picture with just Noelle might have switched too...I think its the same guy!

2008 - Still to come...but I will tell you we changed to green shirts!


  1. We LOVED 2006 MacArthur Santa! He read to Liam, and after the picture was taken, ignored the "Elf" who kept telling him she "got it", and calmly finished the book without taking his attention away. He rocks, and I hope he's there again. I'm bringing him cookies.

  2. Make that 2007. In 2006, we were at Pembroke with Santa who I think had a few belts of Thunderbird at lunch...