Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Wyatt's Discovery of the Remote

Wyatt really likes the "mote." His appreciation of it is probably a result of the fact that he knows the remote helps put the television on PBS Sprout. And he loves him some Sprout. Especially Nina on the Good Night Show...I think he has a crush.

Possession on the "mote" has become a big deal for Wyatt, especially since I have curbed television watching to an hour or two in the afternoon. He thinks, pretty sneakily, that if he can get his hands on in it then the television will turn on and he can watch Thomas or Zaboomafoo. Wrong! But that doesn't stop him from grabbing it. The other day he grabbed it and apparently decided Sprout wasn't what he wanted to be watching. His little fingers pressed buttons and this is where he ended up....

Brian saw that he'd changed the channel as soon as it happened and alerted me so that I could make a mad grab for the remote before Wyatt pressed a button and bought this "film."

Reese has been a little fussy the last few days. I think it's mainly just gas so I'm watching what I'm eating very carefully to make sure it's not affecting her. I've been addicted to Sierra Mist Free Cranberry Splash for about a week and I think the carbonation might be causing it...I guess we'll see. Whatever it is, it's really changed Reese over the last few days. She'll only sleep in her swing or cuddled up with me, otherwise she gets gassy and then kicks and wakes herself up and screams. I'm hoping this all blows over quickly...

Especially since we're leaving for Orlando on Thursday! It's completely a last minute trip. We're driving down all day and getting there in the evening/night. Brian has a Trade Show to go to next week so we decided to go down early. We don't have definitive plans for where we're going each day, but we know we want to go to the Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom and Sea World. I was contemplating staying next week while Brian is at the Trade Show, but having an infant kind of limits what I can do with Wyatt and I certainly can't sit around in a hotel room with him all day! So my wonderful father is going to fly down and drive back with me and the kids on Tuesday. So we'll have Friday through Sunday to hang out in Orlando. We went there a year ago with Brian's family and we had a great time, and we're really looking forward to going!

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