Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Magic Kingdom!

We had a great time at the Magic Kingdom on Sunday. We decided to go there last because we thought that it might be too crowded on Saturday. We left early on Sunday and made our way to the parking lot to catch the tram to the monorail to the Magic Kingdom. Ugh! What a pain! With little kids its so hard to get them to the tram (where you have to fold up the stroller) and then the monorail (where it doesn't need to be folded up but there's no room for it open) and then get everything situated. But we made it work!

Once we got inside we made our way down Main Street USA to get to Tomorrowland. Brian and Wyatt were able to ride one ride together and then we met Buzz Lightyear! Wyatt doesn't know who he is yet, but whatever! Wyatt then picked the most boring ride in the park to go on next, the train that travels above Tomorrowland. He was SO bored. He kept trying to get off the thing. We told him he wasn't allowed to pick anymore rides!

We then took Wyatt to the car track where he was able to drive a car! Brian was excited. He went on the ride last year with T and Colin and he really wanted to take Wyatt but he was too small. This year he was tall enough to ride with Daddy! He loves to drive, he has lots of experience. Every time Brian and Wyatt go to the Home Depot Brian lets Wyatt sit in the cart with the wheel and Wyatt says he "driving." Wyatt had the biggest smile on his face at the end of the ride and he even got his own driver's license with Mickey Mouse on it!

We went to Toontown next and we rode the train around the park. Wyatt enjoyed it at first because he loves trains, but he was over it by the second stop. We also got both kids Mickey ears. Wyatt has an infant pair that no longer fit him and Reese needed little pink ones...they look so cute!

We got Fast Passes for the Winnie the Pooh ride and went and got lunch. Fast Passes are the way to go. No waiting in lines and you can get other things done while you wait...like lunch! Wyatt was a little scared of the Winnie the Pooh ride though...it's dark inside, but not scary! We opted to skip the Snow White ride...that would definitely scare him. So we went on the carousel, where Wyatt was very excited because he got the horse he was staring at while we waited in line. Reese and I got a cozy little bench! After the carousel we did the Sword and the Stone thing I already blogged about and rode the elephants. The elephants were the first ride Wyatt ever rode! We got Fast Passes for Peter Pan in hopes of returning later.

We skipped the parade and went to the Pirates of the Caribbean ride where Wyatt was surprisingly not scared! The second highlight of the day (for the boys anyway) was the trip to Tom Sawyer's Island. If you've ever been around Brian you've probably heard him talk about how one of the best times he ever had was when he came here with a bunch of his buddies and they hung out on Tom Sawyer's Island and had a blast. Brian had fun with Wyatt, but I know he can't wait until he's older and can run around all over the place. I was actually surprised that he let me go over there carrying Reese in the front carrier. I thought for sure that he'd be afraid I would trip or something!

We made it back to Peter Pan and then headed out. Both kids melted down at that point..they were both too tired! They both fell asleep before we made it to the Monorail line, and let me tell you how fun it was getting Wyatt out of the stroller while he was asleep and then carrying him while dragging the stroller. Reese starting wailing in the car and Wyatt slept through it...and he slept through getting his diaper changed, putting his jammies on and being put down. At 12:30 we heard "Hi Daddy" and Brian woke up to see Wyatt standing next to him. Yeah, he can totally get out of the pack and play. He woke up for good at 6:30.....and it was Brian's first day of real work. The original plan was for my Dad to come down here and drive back home with us today, but since we got here and have so much space and there's so much to do, the kids and I are staying until Brian's done on Thursday!
Reese bundled up for the cold Orlando day!

Reese and I walking into the park

Wyatt and Brian at Casey's Hot Dog place on Main Street USA

Wyatt, Brian and Buzz Lightyear

Reese and I on the Tomorrowland train

Wyatt driving a car!

Wyatt in his Mickey ears!

Reese in her pink Minnie ears

There's her name!

Wyatt waiting for the choo choo
Wyatt, Reese and I on the train

Wyatt ready to get off the train

Wyatt posing in an elephant

Wyatt on his favorite horse!

Brian and Wyatt on the elephant ride

Reese and I in our elephant!

Reese riding Pirates of the Caribbean

Wyatt and Daddy playing on Tom Sawyer's Island

In a well on Tom Sawyer's Island

Hanging out!

Reese and I in front of Cinderella's Castle

Wyatt and Daddy stopping at Casey's to look at bats!

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