Monday, November 17, 2008

Animal Kingdom!

On Saturday morning we got moving quickly so that we could get to Animal Kingdom early. Wyatt woke up the first time at 5:30. Brian woke up to a “Hi Daddy!” He turned Wyatt’s bedtime CD back on and he fell back asleep until 6:30. This kid’s schedule is completely off. Not to mention the complete lack of naps he’s had since we got here….

Anyway, we got to Animal Kingdom and our plan of action was to head straight to Africa to get Fast Passes for the Safari. We knew that Wyatt was going to LOVE it. Shockingly we didn’t need Fast Passes. It said that there was no wait so we walked right onto our Safari Jeep. It was awesome. Wyatt liked it last year, but this year he was pointing at the animals and saying what they were. He was so excited to see giraffes and elephants. There was even a tiny little baby elephant with her Mommy. He saw flamingos (he goes back and forth between calling them “mangos” and “amigos) and rhinos and lions. When he saw the lion he said “What’s a lion say? Roar!” Once the safari was over we walked through the rest of the exhibit to see the meerkats and the gorillas.

We went into a few shops where Wyatt found drums and fell in love with them. He stood there playing with them for ages. The Festival of the Lion King was our next stop. We saw the show last year and it completely captured Wyatt’s attention, and it did this year too. He was completely into the singing and the cool floats and the acrobats. It also provided me the ability to feed Reese while not missing out on anything with the boys! I’m so glad that I bought a cover up from Target. I’m not afraid to take her places and feed her like I was with Wyatt.

After the show we went and got some pizza for lunch and went to Camp Minnie-Mickey. It’s a pretty neat place where Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Goofy are always out. Wyatt was so excited to meet Mickey Mouse. He kept saying “Gonna see Mickey Mouse, go Mickey, go Mickey!” He was very good when we got up front to see him and all the other characters. As long as they gave him High 5’s he was not afraid of them at all. I was very proud of him!

We went to the parade and Brian got us frozen bananas to eat while we watched it. Wyatt LOVED his banana. He told me tell his Aunt Allison that he knows you love them and he would totally bring you one but he knows it wouldn’t be the same. The parade was awesome. There were some really great floats and all the characters we there. Wyatt really enjoyed it. He did not enjoy what we did next, which was going to see the Bug’s Life show. It’s 4D and things fly out at you. He screamed the ENTIRE TIME. We should have thought about that before we took him in….

It was starting to rain when we got out of the show, but we decided to stick it out and it stopped! We went to another character spot and saw Pooh, Tigger and Eeyore. Wyatt was okay with them. Not as excited as he was with Mickey, even though he knows who Pooh is. It was a good place to hang out while we waited for the rain to pass over though! After we left we went to Dino Land to let Wyatt ride a few rides with Daddy. He had fun, but we were losing him. He was exhausted. It was almost time for the park to close anyway so we left. We had such a blast. It’s amazing how much he’s learned and how big he’s gotten in the last year. I think that’s the thing that’s stood out to me the most about the trip. He’s able to enjoy so much now. I can’t wait to bring him back!

He and Reese both fell asleep in the car. We thought Wyatt might have been out for the night, but about an hour after we got back to the hotel he woke up and unleashed a nasty attitude on us. Fortunately, we put the Wonder Pets DVD in and gave him some food and he was fine! I think he had a lot of fun!
Petting Pluto
Wyatt, Brian and Pluto.
Wyatt looking at the animals on the safari
In front of a waterfall
Reese at the Festival of the Lion King
They were both a little tired!
Reese waiting patiently
Wyatt and I waiting to meet Mickey Mouse
Mickey! Mickey! Mickey!
Meeting Minnie Mouse!
Wyatt eating the his frozen banana - YUM!
The family with Winnie the Pooh
Meeting Tigger

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  1. Thanks for thinking of me! I was actually able to get one at the state fair last month and I was thrilled about that! I'm going to start making them at home - it's quite easy that way I don't have to wait until the next Disney trip.