Monday, November 17, 2008

Year of a Million Dreams

If you've seen the commercials for Disney World, you know that their theme this year (and last year) is A Year of a Million Dreams. They do little things that make people feel special like giving them the opportunity to be in parades and stuff. On a grander scale a lucky few also get to spend the night in Cinderella's Castle. Yesterday Wyatt had a "dream" come true!

We had just gotten off of the carousel at the Magic Kingdom and we decided to take Wyatt's picture trying to pull the sword from the stone (like the movie). We did it last year when we came and wanted to get another photo of him trying to pull the unmovable sword. Wyatt waited patiently for a bunch of kids in front of them to pull with all their might to get the sword up to no avail. Brian took Wyatt up and Wyatt started to tug...and IT LIFTED! I got three pretty good pictures of the ascension of the sword. I didn't even notice it until a teenager sitting nearby said "look, the kids' doing it!" to his friend because I was just snapping away with the camera. Then I shrieked, "Brian! He's doing it!," like it was the most exciting thing in the whole world. To be pretty honest, it was! Brian and I were thrilled that they picked Wyatt.
After he was done lifting the stone a member of the Disney World Dream Squad came up to congratulate Wyatt on his achievement and presented him with a certificate to commemorate it. Wyatt was fazed by none of this, he didn't even know what was going on, but Brian and I were over the moon. I guess it's the little things! Here are pictures of the Sword in the Stone last year and this year. I'll post more about our day at the Magic Kingdom tomorrow!
Trying to lift it last year with Daddy
No movement
Starting to lift...and stick out his tongue!
There it goes!
All the way up!

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