Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Well Babies!

Today was an adventure for Brian and I....and our Pediatrician. We took both kids in for their Well Baby check ups. It was Wyatt's 18 month check up and Reese's 2 month check up.

Wyatt started the check up by toppling over one of the Doctor's learning toys to search for the on button. When there were no batteries he said "It's broke." When we went back to the room to meet the Doctor we got the kids ready for their weigh ins and measurements. Wyatt did really well with his exam, he was patient and didn't fuss at all. The Doctor said that we should start saving for Med School for Wyatt because he was very interested in everything, especially the Doctor's medical equipment. He also witnessed Wyatt's excellent communication skills, screened him for Autism (no worries there thankfully!), and said that he's a great little kid! Wyatt wanted to wash his hands like 4 times while we were in the room.

Reese patiently waited for her exam and was very good the whole time. Our main concern with her has been the fact that she still crosses her eyes at times. The Doctor said that she should be getting past that stage, and that if she isn't over it in about a month we should call for a referral for an eye exam. The main concern with the eyes is that if they keep crossing then one of them will shut down and she'll have great vision in one and terrible vision in the other. He said he saw no signs of any problems during her exam so there may not be any reason to get worried...we just need to wait and see. He said that her breathing sounded perfect and she's in great shape!
27 pounds, 12 ounces (69%)
33 inches (59%)
19 3/4 inches head circumference (87%)
Wyatt's grown a half an inch since August, he's gained 12 ounces and his head grew a little bit. Kids his age hit a growth plateau right about now so his slow growth isn't out of the ordinary.

12 pounds, 6 ounces (77%)
22.5 inches (43%)
15 3/4 head circumference (72%)
Reese has put on almost 5 pounds since her two weeks appointment and she's grown 2.5 inches. Her head has also gotten a few inches bigger. She weighs 7 ounces less that Wyatt did at 2 months and is half an inch shorter. Her head is also a quarter of an inch smaller.

Both kids got shots today. Wyatt only got a flu shot. Reese got 3 shots. One that had the DTaP, IPV and Pneumonococcal vaccines together, one for Hib and another for Hep B. Both of them have had some Tylenol and are sleeping soundly. I'm praying that Reese doesn't get a fever. Wyatt typically got a fever 24 hours after all of his shots and it made him miserable. I'd prefer to spare her that!

Reese goes back to the Doctor for her 4 month check up in January and Wyatt has some time off until his 2 year check up in March. Now he'll just go back every year...I can't believe how big he is!

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