Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Vote for Wyatt!

This morning Brian and I went to vote. 80 minutes total from the beginning of the line until we were done. Brian's kept the Voter Guide from the paper the last two weeks, but hasn't gotten past the Mayoral candidates. Of course this is the year that in addition to the President, Senate, House and Mayor we also have City Council and School Board candidates as well. I read the local city paper a few Sundays ago so I remember most of the candidates. I was less than impressed. So was Brian. So when he needed to vote for a school board member and couldn't decide between the one with the GED or the one who couldn't show appropriate use of language in the candidate write up,he put down a write-in candidate. WYATT! Vote for him. If you're a teacher he will give you a raise and make sure you have plenty of classroom supplies. And he'll institute nap times for teachers. But in 4 years when he starts kindergarten he'll want more recess time...

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  1. Did you guys wait in the out of control line at the neighborhood church? I drove past it this morning on my way to work and swear it was almost backed up to my parents' doorstep!