Sunday, November 9, 2008

All Talk!

Reese is "using her words" now. Okay, not really. But she's babbling a lot. She'll just talk and coo for ages if I'm holding her and we make silly faces. She also likes to have "conversations" with Daddy. She's getting very good at "standing up" if she's being supported (and no, this will not cause her to be bow legged...that's an Old Wives' Tale). I think we're about a week or two away from being able to sit her in her baby Bumbo. I could probably put her in now, but I'd like to give her a little more time supporting her head on her own in a seated position before I do that. Plus, Brian will kill me if I ask him to go back in the attic after he was up there yesterday!

This morning we went to the ever dreaded WalMart, but we got there early so it wasn't too bad. We also got three Christmas presents (we're ahead of the game for us) at Target. We got Wyatt a Star Wars toy and a Leap Frog fridge toy, and a Learning Purse for Reese. She's still a little young for it, but even Brian commented on how appropriate it is for her to have one. I seriously used to be "switch my purse every day" kind of girl.....before I had kids and needed a diaper bag. And as much as I tried to coax Brian into letting me buy that $400 Coach diaper bag, he wasn't having it. It would be ruined by now anyway I guess....

I got a little video of Reese talking today, so here it is! Check out her cute chubby cheeks!

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  1. After reading about the Bumbo, which I will be using as well, I thought, Brit should write about and feature products used and approved by the Baker family. Perhaps with pics of the children using it, why it is a good product, why its good to have, how the kids like it etc. You could even come up with your own rating 1 to 5 rattles (something more creative than that please) Maybe it can be expanded to the Noelle blog and feature pet products approved by the Baker Family.