Monday, November 17, 2008

Downtown Disney!

We've been to Downtown Disney three times since we arrived on Thursday night. We all went Friday night and Saturday night, and the kids and I went this afternoon to occupy us while Brian was at his Trade Show. When we went on Friday Wyatt was asleep in his stroller, but he was awake on Saturday night (this was after the aforementioned melt down when he woke up after we got back from Animal Kingdom).

Wyatt had fun looking at all the toys and legos. He also found a stuffed Bambi that he decided was his baby. He sang "Rock-a-bye baby" to it and sat down and rocked it. Then he put it in the stroller and covered it with a blanket!

Brian had a lot of fun showing Wyatt all the cool toys that were around. He then told me for the 800 millionth time that unless you want to grow up to be a cook or a princess there's no cool things for girls. I completely disagree! I had the coolest girl lego set when I was little with pink, purple and turquoise legos, and I remembered my long since forgotten Cinderella's Castle this week. It was so cool. I just think he's sexist!

We bought Wyatt some Star Wars bath toys to introduce him to his Dad's favorite movie and we got Reese a stuffed Ariel baby for Christmas. I was debating on which baby to get for her. I narrowed it down to Ariel or Belle. I wanted Ariel because right now Reese has Red(dish) hair and blue eyes so they match, but Belle is my all time favorite. I watched Beauty and the Beast with my sister every morning when she was three (and yes, I was fifteen). Katie used to love saying "Bonjour!" Anyway, I asked Brian his opinion and all he did was point to Belle and say "Don't you think that she'll probably look more like her when she gets bigger?" He doesn't even know the Princess names! And, he thought Pocahontas was a Disney Princess! I told him she's a Native American historical figure.....not a Princess. Geez, next I'm going to have to explain that she married John Rolfe not John Smith! What a boy!

This Santa Claus is made of legos!
Wyatt petting a lego black lab
Wyatt outside Pooh Corner
My little Poohzie Woozie at Pooh Corner a year ago in the middle of Pooh's!
Wyatt in the middle of Pooh's this year!
Hugging two Poohs!
His baby Bambi
Getting the deer snuggled in the stroller!

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  1. Disney toys are great for everyone. Who's to say that girls can't love legos (I did!) whether or not they are pink? All the stuffed animals are unisex, as are, honestly, most toys. Kids should get to play with whatever they want to.