Monday, November 24, 2008

Brotherly Love

On Saturday we went to Babies R' Us to get the crib tent to keep Wyatt from climbing out of his crib. I was seriously hoping this wouldn't ever be a problem, but Wyatt's pretty serious about climbing. Since we developed the temporary alternative of placing the short side of his crib against the wall and the taller side facing out, Brian didn't put the tent together until last night after Wyatt went to bed. It will be installed tonight and will make my life significantly easier because I can't reach over the tall side to put Wyatt in the crib!

While we were at the store Brian found a Minnie Mouse baby rattle for Reesie. She loved it as soon as he started shaking it at her and she grabbed of course Daddy bought it for his little girl. The rattle calms her down when she's crying and she loves to hold it. We were getting ready to make our Sunday morning Wal Mart run yesterday and I was packing the diaper bag and Reese was screaming in the Pack & Play. Wyatt grabbed that Minnie Mouse rattle and started shaking it at her saying "Hey Cootie!," just like his Dad had been doing earlier. Yes, he's trying to call her "cutie" and calls her "cootie" instead. It was so adorable!

We did some more Christmas shopping yesterday for the kids. I wouldn't say we're halfway done, but we're getting there. I even wrapped some presents last night while Brian and I were catching up on our DVR. We missed a lot of TV while we were gone. We also have to finish the shows saved on there before Verizon Fios gets installed sometime in December. Back to my original point, I always end up wrapping a ton of presents on Christmas Eve, so I'm glad I've gotten a jump start. I love to wrap, but not all in one night. When I was a teenager I wrapped all the presents for my Mom...including my own. She taped my boxes shut so I couldn't look in them (9 times out of 10 I knew what it was anyway...we went shopping, I picked out and tried on stuff and then she bought it) and I wrapped them! Fortunately my husband doesn't make me wrap my presents from him!

Tonight we're going to to Pet Pics at the mall to get the family's picture taken with Santa. I also have some projects I've been working on around the house that I'd like to complete tonight before I head back in to work tomorrow. I'm seriously having some anxiety about leaving them. I don't know why, and I know it's ridiculous. I cried and cried the night before I went back to work after Wyatt was born and I know I'll probably do the same thing tonight....I suppose my husband should be prepared for that....he loves emotional breakdowns.

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