Friday, November 14, 2008

The Ride Down and Sea World

I want to make this brief. There is a strong possibility that Wyatt will wake up at like, 4 am or something ridiculous and we have had a long day!

Alright, we're in Orlando. Like I said, completely last minute trip. Brian has a Trade Show that starts Monday and ends Thursday and the kids and I are in for the long haul. I packed all of us and loaded the Rav4 on Wednesday night, so all we had to load in on Thursday morning were a duffel and two kids. We were going to be on the road at 5am.

5 turned in to 6:30. Here's how the ride went....

6:36am - We leave the house
6:40 - Brian tells Wyatt we're going to see Mickey Mouse
6:41 - I hear the first "Go Mickey, go Mickey" chants from the backseat
6:43 - "We're going to Mickey's house?"
6:45 - "Where Mickey go?"
6:55 - One stoplight away from the Expressway and I realize we left Wyatt's bedtime CD at home. The CD is vitally important. We turn around.
7:10 - We're on the road for real
Stop to feed Reese and change Wyatt's diaper x 4 over the course of the trip - the kids were champs! They were both SO good. Wyatt fought us when we put him in his car seat after each stop, but it is what it is.
9:30pm - We finally arrived at our villa. And I mean villa. We've basically got a little condo. Great room, loaded kitchen, huge bathroom. We're all sleeping in the bedroom (one hotel crib for Reese, the pack & play for Wyatt). We all fell asleep around 12:30 (Wyatt fell asleep in the car at 7:30 and woke up when we got here...he wasn't in the mood to immediately go back to sleep). I caught Wyatt awake at 12:45 though. He was laying in his Pack & Play gazing lovingly at his Daddy. I heard "Where Daddy go" at 4:30. I convinced myself I was dreaming. Nope. Wyatt was awake. The kid hadn't slept at all! Brian put him back down...for two hours. He woke up for good at 6:30....but we were still tired! Being a parent is no fair!

We actually managed to get out of the room by 10 and we were at Sea World by 10:15. We were ahead of schedule for once! When we first got in we took Wyatt to get his picture taken with a Penguin costume character. And he wasn't having it...more anxiety about Santa for me!

He absolutely loved looking at all of the animals. He knows all of their names and says them so cutely. He saw a flamingo statue ("famingo") and pointed it out to us. We took him to the Sting Rays where he was very interested in looking, but didn't want to pet them. He loved the dolphins ("dauphin"). Brian took him to watch them swim and then we went to an underground observatory to get a closer look. I am going to be a completely disgusting, gushing mom right now to tell you that my kid is SO smart. He stood there pointing at the dolphins saying "Dauphin swimming. In the pool." And he'd look at all the other little kids and point and say "dauphin eating." He's like a little teacher! He wants to show everybody different things and show them what it is or how it works!

At lunch he was captivated by a little squirrel that wanted to share our food and a pelican that wouldn't leave us alone.We saw alligators, penguins (those are "pagans"...I laugh everytime he says it!), a Pet show. Then we went to The Polar Express exhibit. You basically sit through a bit of the movie and then go see Santa. If you choose to go on the ride then you move, kind of like Corkscrew Hill at Busch Gardens. We did that last year with T and Allison. This year we sat down and watched the movie and went to see the Big Guy. Santa Claus was there! As soon as Wyatt saw him he said "Santa Cause." I've worked with him a bit to learn about Santa but not a ton, so I was happy he recognized him. Then Brian and I started prepping him. "Yes, that's a nice Santa," "He brings you presents," "Funny Santa, ha ha ha." When we got to the front of the line, Wyatt seemed a little scared of Santa's Helper who was dressed like an elf. But he was okay. When we got to Santa, Wyatt was GREAT! Santa said hello and then asked Wyatt for a high five. And Wyatt gave him two! He smiled, he posed for pictures, he was fantastic! He amazed me. Completely scared of everything but Santa Claus! I feel so much better.

We took Wyatt on some kiddie rides that he loved, but he was starting to melt down. We started leisurely making our way out. We stopped to see the Clydesdales, got some free beer that they were giving away, got some ice cream and left. We went to dinner. We went to the grocery store. Wyatt was asleep by 7:30. He slept through Downtown Disney, getting loaded back in the car, getting out of the car, getting his diaper changed, putting on his jammies, and being put down. He's exhausted. And so am I. I'm going to bed.

Pictures tomorrow.

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