Saturday, November 29, 2008

Reese's First Thanksgiving

We had a great Thanksgiving this year. We hung out at our house for a little bit in the morning and then went to my parents' house for Round 1. It was nice to be with the family for a little bit and get some good food. The only downside was that my brother wasn't able to be here for Thanksgiving this year. It was the first time (since my first Thanksgiving, which I don't remember) that he wasn't at home. Bummer. But he'll be home for Christmas! Wyatt was not a huge fan of the food. He said "turkey, gobble gobble" and "ham, oink oink" but he wasn't that interested in eating anything but the bread. He loves some carbs! Reese sat in her bouncy seat quietly during the meal and was very good.

After dinner at my parents' house we had to eat and run to get to Brian's parents' meal . We got there and the kids both had a great time playing with their cousins. Wyatt got to ride the Thomas track that was set up at Baba and Mimi's. He had a lot of fun. He also rough housed with his big cousin. They were all over the place tackling each other and bouncing off the couch. It looked like they were bouncing off the ropes like the fake wrestling stuff. Reese got to lay down on the play mat with Piper for a little bit and we let the two girls "talk" to each other. They're all going to have so much fun as they get older. I've never had a girl cousin or family member my age and I know I would have loved to have someone to play with.

The food was yummy. I'm particularly partial to the Chocolate Pie! Wyatt loved his Mimi's orange jello. So much that it was all over him and he needed a bath. When he got in the bath though, Brian noticed a big red welt-like mark on Wyatt's behind. It worried us, but it was gone by the time we got home. I called the pediatrician yesterday to make an appointment and they said the Doctor will call back on Monday. The only problem is that when I changed Wyatt's diaper yesterday afternoon he had three more marks on him. One on his behind and two on his thigh. Brian did some research and we think that they're hives. Neither of us is allergic to anything (well I'm allergic to cats, but I avoid them) so we don't have issues with hives. And we've traced everything he's eaten and there's been nothing new added to his diet. We read online that hives can be caused by vibration and we think that might be it. We first noticed it after he rode the Thomas track and then yesterday he spent a lot of time sitting in Reese's bouncy chair. Hopefully we'll get in to see the Pediatrician early next week

We didn't do any sale shopping yesterday. Wait, I take that back. Brian had to go to the mall for work last night and the kids and I tagged along to buy Wyatt a winter coat and a hat and mittens. Old Navy's outerwear was on sale for 50% off so we got the coat pretty cheaply. We need to keep the little guy bundled up in the cold weather.
Wyatt crawling across the table. I have no explanation.
Reese hanging out in her Thanksgiving shirt
Riding Thomas
Wyatt post orange jello
The girls hanging out with Baba
Reese and Piper hanging out
Wyatt entertaining himself the day after Thanksgiving

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