Saturday, November 8, 2008

A Little Boring....

The weather's been a little gross recently so we've been spending a lot of time at home! Yesterday consisted mostly of Brian and I helping Wyatt build his blocks and finding different things to knock them down. We also got to watch the the "Petta Pets," which is what Wyatt calls The Wonder Pets. Yesterday while we were watching the DVD of The Wonder Pets saving the puppy Wyatt realized that he has that puppy (it's part of a toy we got him)! He went and got the puppy and held it the while time he watched the episode. So smart!

*****On a side note, I am currently very disgusted watching Zach try and plunge a toilet on Little People, Big World. If you haven't seen it, I would recommend skipping it.*****

Brian and I then went on a Date Night. We went to dinner and saw the movie Role Models. The movie was pretty funny, and we had a nice night out. My husband even got the door for me when I got in the car. How fancy! He always gets my door when we're inside a store or something, but he never gets the car door these days because we're each putting a kid in the car! It was a lot like our old date nights when we used to have to drive around in his Jeep and he'd let me in and I'd lean over to unlock his door. Apparently this was some kind of test I passed or we wouldn't be married today.

Today we cleaned and put away Halloween decorations (while I seriously contemplated starting to decorate for Christmas). We went out to lunch with our friends and their son, and Wyatt behaved so well. He looks like such a big boy when he's sitting at a restaurant eating! When we got home I gave Wyatt some toys that were confiscated and stored in the garage due to some "safety issues" with him. These are probably not problems that other parents have with their kids, but Wyatt is a climber! So anyway, he got his Rocking Puppy back and had a blast playing on it. Brian shot some video of him playing cute (and yes, I'm biased)!

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